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Keeper's Spirits Limited

The Lighthouse is constructed to withstand all the might of nature. For thousands of years, it has represented hope, guidance, and salvation. It has become symbolic for Atlantic Canada and indeed, coastal communities across the world. Its strength is only matched by that of the Lighthouse Keeper. The spirit of the Lighthouse Keeper lives on in all of us and Keeper's Spirits was born to help you find that spirit.

Keeper's Spirits is a proud Patron Member of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society. To learn more about the society, visit


Keeper's Canadian Whisky

Our Whisky is distilled and aged in Alberta. It then travels cross country by train to Montreal. Here it's loaded on a container ship and sails to St. John's where it finally reaches our production partners, Rock Spirits. 


Tasting Notes: With sweet vanilla and dried fruit on the nose, this Canadian Whisky brings all the traditional bright flavours of corn and subtle rye spice, followed with vanilla and a touch of toasted almonds. The palate transitions to a pleasant finish of caramel and oak. It's a perfect, easy drinking Canadian Whisky. Simple, yet surprisingly complex.

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